Professional K7 Printing

K7 printing is only available out of our Calgary Store for now.

K7: When Black & White isn't just Black & White.

Piezography K7 is the latest generation of inkjet techniques, using seven shades of black ink with which to produce the highest quality monochromatic photograph. K7 simply has a lot more of what you need in order to make the best possible black & white print.

Product Details

  • We use unique inks: their carbon-based pigments are specially shaped and formed to reflect light back to the viewer’s eye in a way that completely eliminates color anomalies such as metamerism.
  • Piezography monochromatic inks have a unique photographic look that includes surface depth and tone brilliance.
  • Our unique water-based formula permits historical levels of longevity when printed on archival papers. And of course they are water proof.

8x10 $29.99
11x14 $34.99
11x16 $36.99
11x17 $36.99
12x18 $42.99
18x12 $42.99
16x20 $49.99
16x24 $65.99
20x20 $69.99
20x24 $71.99
24x20 $71.99
20x30 $79.99
24x24 $89.99
24x30 $99.99
24x36 $129.99
24x48 $165.99
30x40 $229.99
36x48 $289.99
40x50 $319.99
40x60 $485.99
42x72 $489.99